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Mosquito Racket, Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Bat, Badminton (Swatter/Zapper)

Mosquito Racket, Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Bat, Badminton (Swatter/Zapper)

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Color: White (May vary)


  • Light Weight Mosquito Racket
  • Mosquito Bat with Large Frame
  • Fast Charging Mosquito Zapper with Long Battery Life
  • Easy to Carry Outdoors
  • Strong Build Quality Mosquito Badminton Racket

Details: Mosquito Killer Zapper Bat can be used outdoor and indoors. It comes with a patented technology that allows it to kill mosquitoes as it comes in contact with the wire mesh. It is rechargeable for long period. Just hold the key and start your hunting!

Do's: Charge the mosquito bat 12 hours before use for the first time. Start using the mosquito bat by pressing and holding the red button located on the side of the handle. To avoid battery loss, press the red button only while using the bat. Gently swing the bat towards the mosquitoes until the wire mesh comes in contact.

Don'ts: Don’t overcharge the mosquito bat battery unnecessarily. Keep away from the reach of children. Don’t pour the conductive items such as water etc.



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